My Breville Juicer Stopped Working

Updated on April 12, 2022

Breville is known for manufacturing the best kitchen appliance that eases a cook’s life. The Breville juicer has an innovative and thoughtful design that enhances your life and helps them complete their work as soon as possible.

Who would not want to purchase this fantastic kitchen appliance? We all want this at home to make some delicious food for our families!

The worst nightmare that someone can have is that they bring this excellent juicer and stop working. You panic and open your laptop to search for a solution to the problem: ‘my Breville juicer stopped working.

What should I do now?’ Well, look no further because we are here to help you fix your juicer. Read this article to learn how you can get your juicer to start working again!

My Breville Juicer Stopped Working

We get a lot of queries and assistance requests from users. They all tell us that: “Oh! My Breville juicer stopped working. I don’t know what to do now.”

There are a lot of problems, and they all have their solutions. All you have to do is read the entire article from the start till the end.

Improper assembly of the appliance

If you don’t assemble every piece correctly according to the user’s manual, whatever you do, the juicer won’t work. You must read the manual carefully before you start using it.

We know that it might be difficult to fix those parts at first. However, you won’t do something wrong if you follow the instructions. Below we have discussed some things that you should do before assembling those parts.

Firstly, you must remove all the packaging materials and labels. Then wash all the parts: filter frames, juicer covers, juice discs, pulp containers, and food pushers – with warm water and soap.

Rinse your juicer thoroughly and dry it with a soft cloth. Now fix all those parts together and turn on your juicer.

Fix the locking arm

In some cases, you may have a Breville juicer with an LCD that shows the letter ‘L.’ Well, that means that your locking arm is not engaged correctly.

As a result of this error, when you switch on your juicer, nothing happens at all! However, don’t stress out for even a second because we know how to resolve this issue.

To make sure that the locking arm is engaged properly – snap it into two grooves. Then attach each groove on either side of the juicer’s cover.

Ensure that you fix the safety locking arm in a vertical position on the juicer. After this, you will find the LCD screen beaming, and it will output your selected speed settings.

Stalled motors

When you load so many vegetables or fruits in the juicer at once – it overloads the juicer. There might be a possibility that the vegetable or fruit chunks are too big.

While processing, the mixer will be unable to chunks into smaller pieces. Now you probably think about what you got yourself into, but it’s okay; we all make mistakes!

Let’s move on to the solution, shall we? First of all, make sure that you cut your vegetables and fruits into smaller pieces. Then add the solid mixture in batches that consist of small amounts.

In case of the motor stalls again, the red light with the power button will illuminate. This light indicates that the juicer is overheating. Turn off the juicer and clean the food chute.

Prevent food spills!

The juicer processing at high speed is a primary reason why your food leaks and spills over the counter. All cooks have experienced this once in their lifetimes when we forget to close the lid or slow down the speed.

They turn on the juicer and – splash! The food sprays out from the sprouts and messes up the counters and walls.

You seriously don’t want to clean the entire kitchen because we know that you are exhausted at this point.

The only thing that you are supposed to do is to lower the speed as much as you can to avoid any food from spilling out of the Breville juicer.

Otherwise, you will not end up in a good place, and you will increase the workload.

Malfunctioning power source

You plugged your appliance into the power socket when you turned your juicer on – it doesn’t work. When you plug in the Breville juicer, make sure that you turn the power source on.

If that doesn’t work, then check if any appliance wires and broken or burned. There is a possibility that the cables aren’t carrying the current so you may have to get it repaired.

However, if that doesn’t work either, then try connecting another appliance to the power socket. If the other device does not work with you, plug it in the socket, there is a problem with your power source.

You can either get that power outlet fixed or plug your Breville juicer into the other socket.

Replace the fuse

Did you know that the Breville juicer has an in-built fuse? The fuse prevents the appliance from overheating and damage that a short circuit can cause.

If you still can’t get your appliance to work after doing whatever you can. Then you might have to fix a blown fuse. Before we move on to the solution, remember to turn off the juicer and take out the plug from the power socket.

You have to check if the fuse is blown or not. For that, you have to remove the base and search for the blown fuse. You will see a light-brown color on the glass surface.

Use the fuse holder to take out the old, broken fuse and insert a new one. Plug the juicer again, and voila, it will start working!


People often panic, and they start worrying: “my Breville juicer stopped working.

I am doomed!” No, you are not. Take deep breaths, and don’t fret about your money getting wasted. Our article has identified the common problems, and we have explained their solutions to you as well.

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