How To Choose a Juicer ? What To Look For In a Good Juicer

Updated on April 12, 2022

If you don’t know about the juicers and no idea how to choose one and you are finding the best juicer which fulfill your needs, then you are at right place.

Firstly, we will discuss about choosing the best juicer for you, now the question is how?

Before buying the juicer, one should see the following things about juicer.

  1. The first thing you should see the size, and weight of a juicer that one should not face difficulty to place or when he picks it up.
  2. Then, check the structure and material of juicer that is it strong or not. If juicer falls on floor by mistake, then it should not be so weak that it breaks.
  3. Now check the loudness of juicer when it is working, one should buy the juicer which works quietly. So he can make juice whenever he wants to without disturbing others.
  4. Then check the speed of the juicer that how much time it takes to extract juice.
  5. If someone don’t want to make juice again and again, he should check the storage capacity of the juicer that how much hour’s juicer can store juice before it getting bad.
  6. Now check how much electricity it takes while working.
  7. Then see the design that is it easy to wash or not.
  8. Now there are different types of juicer, each one of them is good to extract juice from different fruits and vegetables.

Now, I am about to discuss the different kinds of juicer. If you want more nutrients from fruits, then see the below juicer.

Cold press juicer

It is also called masticating juicer. This juicer extracts more juice from fruits as compared to any other juicer. Like other juicers, this juicer doesn’t produce heat while extracting juice.

When juicer uses heat to extract juice, some of the nutrients die. It takes more time to extract juice but produce more juice than others.

It works quietly and you can place it anywhere because size of this juicer is not much big.

This juicer is strong by structure and doesn’t take much electricity while working.

This juicer can store juice for at least 72 hours before getting bad. While the other juicers don’t have capacity of storing juice like this one.

This juicer is easy to clean because when it comes to assembly, disassembly, it is easy. Some parts just get cleaned by water.

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