How Can I Make My Fridge More Attractive

Updated on April 14, 2022

There’s no need to feel frustrated if you want to make a change in your kitchen but aren’t sure where to begin. As far as inspiration, you’ll have the Internet at your disposal, which is full of people who have already rearranged their own homes (in a good way).

Apply decals to the surface of the vehicle. Houzz user Iko Cornelius repurposed this fridge into something that looks like a roadie should be carrying.

Wrap it in a plastic bag.

A collection can be shown off.

Apply chalkboard adhesive on the surface.

Magnets and stickers can be used to attack it.

Pay homage to one of your favourite periodicals.

Simple, fast, vivid

Changing the colour of your fridge is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of your white fridge. Masking tape, paint, and a brush are all you need to get started.

Before painting, it is essential to properly clean the surface. De-oil it, sand it, and then mask off any areas that shouldn’t be touched with masking tape.

A striped jacket for a food keeper

This guide shows you how to dress up your fridge in a gold-striped outfit. This project can be completed with only two things: perseverance and gold duct tape. Use self-adhesive gold paper if you can’t locate any in the store. With a box cutter, you’ll need to measure it and cut it exactly.

Handmade stickers instead of store-bought

Make your own cat ballerina for your fridge with self-adhesive paper, coloured pencils, fabric and thread, scissors, and magnets.

Romantic shabby chic

Paint, glue, and plastic, wooden, or polyurethane mouldings may easily transform a typical household item into a trendy work of art for those who enjoy the French manner.

The best place for creativity

Children and adults alike can use a common kitchen item as a chalkboard. Aren’t you going to use it for drawing and writing notes and grocery lists? A special blackboard paint that you may get at a hardware shop will allow you to makeover your refrigerator.

Uplifting vinyl stickers

Adding a few smiles to your kitchen can have a dramatic effect on the atmosphere. Help is at hand in the form of these vinyl stickers, which come in a variety of designs. They’re simple to apply, and you can choose the design you choose.

1. Apply decals.  Iko Cornelius, a Houzz user, reimagined this refrigerator to seem like something a roadie might carry. For her, the idea of making her own Fender-inspired beer cooler came to her after she saw a small novelty beer fridge at the store and thought, “I can do better!” With the help of graphic artist Neil Jeffery (who has done custom work for me before), I was able to capture some images of my husband’s ancient Ampeg monitor and speaker and send them to him.

beepart is Jeffery’s Etsy shop where he sells vinyl decals. So, after sketching out many possibilities, he had them printed out in three portions — a single one for the freezer and two more that needed to be applied with extreme care to ensure that they lined up correctly on the bottom half of the refrigerator.

This involved removing the refrigerator’s handles, which was a bit of a challenge. Three years later, Cornelius says that the amp refrigerator is still going strong. There are no words to express how much she and her family enjoy it. For one thing, it keeps our kitchen looking tidy and free of various paperwork on the fridge’s front door.
Check out Lablstudio’s decals if you’re seeking for an easier way to apply them. They cleverly added personality to this rental kitchen with a simple decal. While the classic ice emblem provides a dash of nostalgia, its location on the freezer is cheekily literal—in fact, that is where the ice is located.
2. Wrap it. When Luann de Lesseps appeared on The Real Housewives of New York City, she made fun of Bethenny Frankel’s VW Beetle that was covered with a Skinnygirl ad, but now Frankel is a multimillionaire entrepreneur. Wrapping something in vinyl has the power to change the course of one’s life. A refrigerator, at the very least.When Pat Dowd heard an ad for Gatorwraps that stated they could wrap anything, including a prosthesis, it sparked an idea for this formerly boring refrigerator. There are magnificent balloons and a stunning vinyl wrap on this fridge that brings it to a new level of style.

Laying the wrap out flat, this is what it looks like. Going to the store and choosing out a design was part of the procedure. There was no need to empty or move the fridge before the installers arrived at Dowd’s home. The overall cost of the project was $300.

The fridge can be wrapped in stainless steel, wood, or copper, according to Dowd. In spite of the fact that she hasn’t yet found anyone who is willing to join the bandwagon, “we receive tonnes of compliments on it,” she says.

3. Display a collection. For the time being, Sarah Robertson, owner of Studio Dearborn, used black blackboard paint to cover her odd-sized, 1980s almond-colored refrigerator until she could afford a panelled Sub-Zero in her new kitchen.The ancient spigot handles she kept in a basket on the kitchen island proved to be more popular with her kids than their usual fascination in doodling on the refrigerator.

It’s unclear when she first had the bright notion to hang the handles from the fridge, but as soon as she did, the collection quickly grew until it covered the entire thing.

According to Robertson, you should first thoroughly clean the refrigerator before applying Stix. The corners of hers have chipped a little during the past five years, but she says it’s easy to fix.

The spigots will be permanently mounted on the new refrigerator’s bespoke panels, by the way. Despite the fact that it’s “a little crazy,” “both the family and kitchen clients have agreed we should preserve this aspect in the kitchen,” she says.

4. Cover it with chalkboard adhesive. My ancient, yellowed and dented fridge gave me the creeps every time I glanced at it. There wasn’t a refrigerator magnet in the world that could fix it,” writes Houzz user Liesje Feterika. As a temporary remedy, I covered the front with sticky chalkboard and topped it with imitation plants, along with a letter from my son. I’m always staring at my “ugly” fridge now. Now, if only I could get it to defrost on its own.

Update: Feterika informed me that a new frost-free refrigerator had just arrived. As much as I am relieved that my leafy greens will no longer be ruined by frost, we are still debating whether or not to cover the clean new shiny fridge with sticky blackboard again because it became such a showpiece! she adds. As far as I’m concerned, the new one seems a little dull.

5. Attack it with magnets and stickers.“Grandma on acid” is how Houzz user Robert Mace describes his kitchen, and the refrigerator fits perfectly. To personalise the appliance, stickers and magnets cover nearly all of the simple white front.
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