Cold Press Juicer vs Vitamix – Both Juicer Benefits

Updated on April 12, 2022

There is something nice in being able to experiment with different kinds of foods within the comfort of your home and what better way to get that done than by investing in a blending or juicing machine?  Cold Press Juicer vs Vitamix ? Wait! That’s right, these are two different devices and today’s review is going to help you decide which one to get.

Omega J8006HDS

Omega J8006HDS

Aicok Slow

Aicok Slow

Sagnart Slow

Sagnart Slow

Of course, each device has its own merits so you should ideally get both of specific functions but if you’re on a budget we can help you narrow down your needs. Juicers work by separating the fiber from the fruit or vegetables, leaving you with pure juice. However, a blender will pulverize and mix everything even the fiber! This is why smoothies are thick and juices are watery.

However, since it is no easy task finding the right kind of juicer for your use, so we have compiled this review with the cold press juicer vs Vitamix for your convenience.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read all reviews here is our suggestion which stands number on in the list Omega J8006HDS Masticating Juicer which is 8 times stronger than other contenders and has a 2HP motor. For blenders, we recommend the Vitamix Blender Professional-Grade which has a built-in tamper and stainless steel blades.

Vitamix Versus Juicer – Top List

Cold Press Juicer vs Vitamix

We are starting today’s list with a comparison of both blender brands:

While there is no real comparison between these two kinds of devices since their functions are so different, they can be seen side by side in several different factors. When we look at cold press juicers these are a much slower and precise way to extract juice from any fruits or veggies. This is because they make use of an auger to slowly separate the juice from the pulp.

On the other hand, the Vitamix brand makes multi-functional blenders that are super powerful. Blending is vastly different from juicing since blending doesn’t cut out any nutrient from the juice. However, as we progress, you will figure out that each has its pros and cons.

Let’s talk about nutrients!

Cold press juicers work with an amazing technology that makes their engines rotate at 40-80 rotations for each moment. Alternatively, a blender turns at 1000’s of rotations in the same amount of time. So the cold press is slower because it reduces friction in the device as the heat will ultimately destroy important nutrients.

As a rule, the quicker an engine turns, the more warmth it produces and if you want to protect the most supplements then a blender might not be the best pick for you!  On the other hand, there are some merits to blenders as they unlike juicers do not get rid of the necessary fiber that most people need.

So, ultimately it depends on which kind of nutrients you think are more important and that’s what will direct your choice.

What about convenience?

Vitamix juicers mostly have a self-clean option but even if they don’t they are easier to clean as it is just one container. On the other hand, cold-pressed juicers have way more parts to get clean and they may even clog up from time to time since they are working with pulp too.

When it comes to prepping, blenders are simple. Just add the produce, blend and you’re done. However, with cold press juicers, you might need to cut and slice the foods since they cannot handle a lot of thicker fruits and veggies as they may get clogged.

So what about drawbacks?

There is no denying that no matter how good, a device is bound to have some kind of limitations or drawbacks but it just depends on how you perceive them. The thing about cold press juicers is that they are the perfect nutritious choice, however, since it is just juice content, the user will need to purchase and squeeze more fruits and vegetables in one go to get a decent amount. To extract juice, your product needs to have a lot of it.

Since a blender is way more versatile and easy to use even with a smaller quantity of produce, they are way more convenient. Some products such as eggplants and bananas are not able to be juiced well but in a blender, it all becomes useable pulp within minutes.

On the other hand, as we mentioned earlier, a blender can get to higher speeds that cause tons of friction, and the heat caused by this can, unfortunately, get rid of vital nutrients and vitamins. This is not the case with a cold press juicer.

Now that we have seen a side by side comparison of both brands, we are going to review their products one by one.

Cold Press Juicer Review

Given below are all the cold press juicers which gives you a detailed look to determine the right one for your needs.

1 Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

The first juicer on our list is called the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer and this is the best device if you want a higher amount of nutrients and juice squeezed out from your fruits and vegetables. This not only ensures you get the most of your supplements but it also has a high concentration of vitamins and nutrients in each glass.

Along with vitamin supplementation, this packs a powerful punch that ensures users have strengthened immunity, their appetite is improving because they are getting wholesome quantities of nutrients and this also improves their digestion.

Of course, since the pulp is separated from the juice itself, there are very low levels of fiber in the result and this causes the system to work even faster. One of the coolest features of this device is that it has a quieter operation since it works at a lower noise decibel range so you can juice away in peace.

It is also made from non-toxic materials including food-grade Tritan which along with the PMMA material of the spiral is 100 percent BPA free. The spiral material itself has no taste and it won’t ruin the flavor of the juice.

  • Vitamin Supplementation
  • Promote Digestion
  • Improve Appetite
  • Strengthen Immunity
  • More produce required

2 Omega J8006HDS Masticating Juicer

Omega J8006HDS Masticating Juicer

Next, we have the Omega J8006HDS Masticating Juicer which is fitted with a stone auger which is made from US FDA-approved melamine and this ensures that the food and blends you make will be super hygienic.

This is a masticating style juicer which means that it acts as a low-speed juicer so the center only moves at about a speed of 80Rpm. The fact that it is low speed ensures that there is less friction and therefore less heat produced as well. The heat can take away nutrients so this means you get juices enriched with nutrients and this allows it to be stored up to 72 hours without degradation.

The auger that this device is fitted with is 8x stronger than other plastics and this device has a powerful system that is about the same as a 2HP motor. Since the user gets a dual stage juice processing system you can work on fruits and vegetables of all kinds no matter how thick.

  • 80Rpm
  • FDA-approved melamine
  • 8x stronger Auger
  • 2HP motor
  • No warranty included

3 Sagnart Slow Juicers Cold Press Juicer 

Sagnart Slow Juicers Cold Press Juicer

The Sagnart Slow Juicers Cold Press Juicer makes all of its parts from BPA free and food-grade Tritan material that is approved by the US Food Administration. It is also completely resistant to both heat and corrosion which ensures that it will be a safe and durable product for you and your loved ones.

Since this is a slow juicer, it effectively works at 45 RPM/Min which ensures that there are less friction and oxidization which allows the juice to retain nutrients. It is also compact and easy to store. It also has a portable handle design and can be cleaned very easily and efficiently.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable handle
  • Compact
  • None really

4 COMFEE Masticating Juicer Extractor

COMFEE Masticating Juicer Extractor

Moving on to yet another slow speed masticating juicer, we have the COMFEE’ Masticating Juicer Extractor which is a very powerful juice extractor and slow speed masticating juicer that can work with slow crushing speed to squeeze out all that fresh and pulp-free juice that you need. It works at a total speed of 55 RPM which means that you get less friction and even less oxidation which results in freshly squeezed and nutritional juice.

It has a ton of amazing features including the extra-wide feeder chute which means you can add in way more produce at one time and that too without feeling the need to cut into them. Another amazing feature is the reverse function which enables the juicer to continue working easily if there is any clogging within. This works as an auto tamper.

This is a cold press juicer that is super user-friendly and is designed to make the entire process easier since it has 2 outlets that make the juice and the pulp separate. There is also an additional switch that lets you put the settings for harder or softer fruit.

This is a multi-functional device as it doesn’t just limit you to juices since you can make frozen yogurt as well thanks to the addition of the ice sifter and filter which are intended for making frozen yogurt and juice independently.

  • 55 RPM
  • Less oxidation and friction
  • User-friendly design
  • Reverse function
  • None really

5 Homevolts Compact Masticating Juicer

Homevolts Compact Masticating Juicer

The Homevolts Compact Masticating Juicer is up next and this is a device that is completely safe for you and your family to use since it comes with materials that are made with safety and are 100 percent free of BPAs. There is also a safety locking arm and a juicer cover without which the juicer cannot operate so that’s an excellent safety feature.

This slow speed juicer works with a revolutionary system where there is no grinding of your produce involved as it only gently and slowly squeezes. This ensures that your result is pure fruit and veggie juice that retains its natural taste and color along with all the nutrients. This also has little chance of causing friction which ensures that the nutrients are not lost.

You can extract 40 percent more vitamins and 30 percent more juice with a slow and cold press juicer. The pulp will be separated from the juice via the pulp ejection spout and go straight into the pulp container. This device is also easy to assemble and even easier to operate with ease.

  • 30% more juice
  • 40% more vitamins
  • Easy to assemble
  • 100% BPA free
  • No warranty

Best VitaMix Juicers Reviews – Vitamix Juicer Blender

Given below are all the cold press juicers which gives you a detailed look to determine the right one for your needs.

1 Vitamix Explorian Blender

Vitamix Explorian Blender

Next, we have the Vitamix Explorian Blender and this is one of the best devices to invest in because it is made of really durable materials and has been designed in a way to work with more efficiency and grant high-performance outcomes.

Since this is a device that has been built to last, it is not a disposable device as you get complete value for money. The product is also super easy to maintain as it can self-clean. This means all you have to do is add in some warm water, some dish soap and run it on slow speed for 60 seconds. Drain and wash and that’s all!

There is no need to disassemble it. With this device, you get to work with super-tough stainless-steel Blades made of aircraft-grade steel and this means they can chop and grind and blend through even the hardest of food items to make a wide range of dishes, smoothies, and sauces.

  • Easy To Clean
  • Self-cleaning
  • Super durable
  • Versatile functions
  • None really

2 Vitamix Blender Professional Grade

Vitamix Blender Professional-Grade

Next, we have the Vitamix Blender Professional-Grade and this is your ultimate tool with tons of versatile applications that include cooking full range meals to making your favorite smoothies within minutes. Since the friction causes the contents to heat up, you get the perfect and smooth blend each time especially for sauces and nut butter.

This Vitamix 5200 comes with a thermal sensor fitted into it which automatically shuts off the system in case there is potential overheating. The only drawback to this is that the blender cannot be used for a total of 45 minutes if this occurs.

Other than this, this blender comes with a super-high-speed function that pulverizes and blends food and can work with the thickest of mixtures. There is also a handy and built-in tamper which of course allows the user to scrape off thick and tricky foods off the sides without having to stop and open the device at any point in time.

There are also super tough stainless-steel blades that are made with aircraft-grade steel and therefore can grind and blend down just about anything you throw at them!

  • Built-in tamper
  • High-speed functions
  • All in one tool
  • Turn off if heated

3 Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

The Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender has amazing controls that are packed within a very durable and easy to use device which ensures you have enough power to create all your favorite recipes at home.

It comes with a patented container that is fitted with a built-in tamper that effectively folds all the ingredients to the blades so you get smoother results each time. The blades are resistant to dulling and are made with laser cut technology.

This blender works with friction heat, to turn cold ingredients to hot perfection in under six minutes. As we mentioned before, the tamper is used to clear the sides automatically. The one drawback here is that there is no warranty on this device.

  • Patented container
  • Laser-cut blades
  • Built-in tamper
  • Durable
  • No warranty

4 Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Blender

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Blender

The Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Blender is next on today’s list and this is a device that is technologically advanced since it has built-in wireless connectivity which means that it can be remotely controlled. The only drawback to this is that it might be trickier to work for some older users with less experience with technology.

With the connectivity feature, you can set in your chosen container size to create your customized blending system and this will allow the motor base to automatically adjust the blending times keeping the container size in mind.

That’s not all though as you can also connect the blender with the Vitamix Perfect Blend App for 17 programs and 500+ recipes and compatibility with both iOS + Android. There is also a built-in digital timer that ensures you get the right amount of blending each time. It also comes with a 4-foot cord that makes maneuverability slightly easier.

Finally, there is a low-profile 64-ounce container that not only can make tons of your favorite sauces, soups, and smoothies but also is compact enough to be stored with ease.

  • Digital Timer
  • 4-foot cord
  • iOS + Android app
  • Built-In Wireless Connectivity
  • Might be trickier to use

5 Vitamix Red 7500 Blender

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Blender

Finally, to end things off for the blenders, we have the Vitamix Red 7500 Blender which comes with a very compact holder that has been designed to fit effectively under most overhead cupboards, so you have more space for other utensils. No matter how heavy or thick your leafy greens and fruits are, this blender has enough horsepower to mix and blend just about any food item with complete ease.

The coolest thing about this device is that the blades work at very fast speeds and they create enough friction to heat the contents within to heat it in around six minutes. The blades are also resistant to bending since they have been made from laser-cut material.

Since the speed controls are adjustable, you get to decide how fast or how slow you want the pulsing and blending to happen. This is also a convenient device when it comes to cleaning up since it self-cleans! All you need is to mix a little soap and warm water and turn it on low speed. Then in just under a minute, you have a clean blender without any need to take the top off.

Thanks to the fact that this blender comes with a 64-ounce container, it can accommodate a large number of fruits, vegetables, nuts, butter, sauces, soups, and much more so you can entertain as many of your guests as you like.

  • Compact
  • Adjustable speed controls
  • Self-cleans
  • Laser-cut blades
  • Powerful functionality
  • No warranty

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