Difference Between Blender Versus Juicer – Find Best For Use?

Updated on April 12, 2022

It is a very common misconception among people that juicing and blending are the same. This idea produces a confusion among people that should they choose a juicer or a blender.

People who do not want to eat fruits or vegetables and want to convert its nutrition into a healthy and nutritious glass of juice faces problem if they want to choose a juicer or a blender.

There are many ways to have a glass of juice but it is important to understand first what is the best way to have the best experience of juicing.

This article will help you to know that if a blender will be more suitable for you or you need to have a juicer in your kitchen.

Difference Between Blender Versus Juicer

There are many blending fans who will tell you that Juicing is a wasteful method as it wastes all of the important nutrients of the product, while juicing enthusiasts will argue that the best possible way to have a nutritious glass of juice is through juicing.

Well the truth is that both of them juicing and blending have their own drawbacks and benefits.

You can only decide if you need to have a blender at you house or to have a juicer in your house by finding out the advantages and disadvantages of them.


Types of Blenders

There are mainly two types of blenders:

  1. Jug Blender.
  2. Single Serving Blender.

Why People use Blenders

Blending enthusiasts usually see the following advantages of having a blender in their kitchen:

  • There is nothing that is not been blended during the process which results in zero waste. There is not even a single fibrous pulp that is thrown away.
  • The quantity of fibers in the drink slows down the process of digestion in the body due to which your body is energized for a long time. Moreover, you feel full longer after drinking.
  • The fibers present in the juice from fruits and vegetables works like a broom in the digestive system that sweeps it clean. These fibers help to remove the harmful toxins from the body and encourages regular elimination.

Cold Press Juicer

Why people use cold press juicers

The benefits of having a cold press juicer are described as follows:

  • In juicing cold press juicers are best known in the preservation of nutrition as a little amount of heat occurs while juicing. Heat is the main element to destroy useful fibers and nutrition from the food.
  • Cold press juicers use pressing technique which will give you more juice unlike any other juicer with more nutrition and fiber in it.
  • It gives more shelf time which means you can use it later on that day and still that juice will be full of nutrition.
  • Juice from cold press juicer is comparatively easy to digest as compared to blenders as a little amount of fibers have been removed from the juice.
  • Due to the elimination of some of fibrous amount it is absorbed comparatively faster than blending.

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