Can You Put Ice In a Blender Bottle?

Updated on April 12, 2022

Blender bottles are in use nowadays by people of all the professionals who need drinks at their place.

Being a busy person you cannot afford to separate some time for making your drink, blender bottles have to meet with your daily busy schedule.

With blender bottles, you can enjoy a fresh drink at your place.

The benefits of bottle blenders are numerous, you cannot hold a blender in the gym before or after the workout.

These blender bottles are of perfect size that contain a normal amount of liquid that is required in the gym.

This liquid will be free from any dust and impurity even when you open it many times.

Bottle blenders have a durable construction that will keep them safe for a long time.

Your drink will be free from the impact of harmful UV rays and you can have the best drink ever even at your gym, office, or during your normal routine.

Advantages of blender bottles

Blender bottles can do a lot for you and can be with you without disturbing your daily routine. Here are some advantages of blender bottles:


Many people take their smoothies, drinks, and protein shakes with them to remain fresh the whole day.

Ordinary bottles may get heat from the surroundings and lose their specific taste; some drinks are good only when they are cool or hot.

Ordinary bottles are unable to maintain a specific temperature.

In this regard, blender bottles will go with you for a long time because of durable material.

Your drink will be safe from spilling and leakage during jumping and their temperature will be the same as they are put in the morning.

Easy mixing

One of the key features of bottle blenders is easy mixing with 360-grade stainless steel metal balls.

When you put the ingredients in, by simple mixing you can easily make a perfectly smooth drink.

This metal ball will mix all the thick ingredients and can make the perfect shake for a powder without any lumps.

Bottle blenders have a high-quality metal whisk that does not peel or get rust after use for some time.

Provides you mental peace

Ordinary plastic bottles have BPA and phthalate in their construction that may cause serious health problems.

Bottle blenders have high-quality plastics free from BPA and phthalate; you can store food and drinks for a long time.

As the material is pure there will be no chance of leaching these materials and mixes into the food.

Can You Put Ice In a Blender Bottle?

For making cold drinks, how can you ignore ice cubes? Ice can easily be added to the blender bottles but it needs some care and precautions.

  • If you add a small amount of ice turn by turn it will sharpen the blades of the bottle and your ice will be completely crushed.
  • The problem arises when you put a large volume of ice at once, this will cause a problem in the movement of a whisk.
  • This difficulty in movement leads to the destruction of your bottle blenders.
  • Adding ice alone causes problems for blades, you can avoid this by using other ingredients with ice.
  • After putting in all the ingredients you have to add the ice so your ice directly does not come in contact with the blades.

Things to put in blender bottles before the ice

If you add other ingredients with ice it will not only add life to your blender bottle but also add extra taste to your favorite cold drink. Following things can be used for making the cold drink in bottle blenders:

Cold coffee

Bottle blenders are best for making cold coffee, it looks like this dish is sent from heaven. But its preparation is not time-consuming and tough if you have a bottle blender.

You just have to add coffee, milk, sugar, and in the last crushed ice or the form of ice cubes.

Mix all the ingredients completely with the metal whisk already present in the bottle. After a few minutes you have your favorite iced coffee in your hand.

Oil and vinegar

Oil and vinegar do not mix up properly under ordinary conditions, but they can be mixed well in cold temperatures.

You have to add a little oil, vinegar and for their proper blending also add some cubes of water so that their mixing can be easy.

This combination of oil and vinegar is perfect for your salad; in a blender, you can add herbs, salts, and other spices according to your taste. The ultimate blending will create a perfect salad topping for your meal.

Care and precaution while using bottle blenders

Using and making a drink in a bottle blender is easy but to use this for a long time some care and precautions must be followed.


Cleaning is essential not only after use, but if your bottle is clean your drink will also be safe. For this, wash the bottle before and after blending.

All materials of blender bottles are dishwasher safe, try to wash them with semi-warm soapy water.

Removal of odor from the bottle

Normally bottle blenders are odor-free but if proper care is not taken bottles may get some odor.

To remove odor from the blender, mix baking soda and vinegar in a bottle blender and keep it all overnight.

In the morning wash it and allow cooling it with air out. This will remove all kinds of odor from the bottle blender.


Some precautions will help you in keeping your blender safe from dust and go along with you.

  • Do not wash the blender with hot liquid, it will cause an unexpected opening of the lid and it may lead to the wastage of your drink.
  • Bottle blenders are not suitable for drinks that have carbon in them because they may develop pressure inside.
  • Large cubes of ice may harm the blades, always try to use crushed or small-sized ice cubes.


When you bought the bottle blender you cannot imagine what you can do with them.

But the question of yours can you put ice in a blender bottle? The answer is yes! You can add but you have to take care of two things: ice size and ice volume.

For more protection, you may add other ingredients in bottle blenders for keeping your blade safe from the harm of ice.

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