Can You Juice Frozen Spinach?

Updated on April 12, 2022

Are you an enthusiast of having green smoothies to kick start your day? The fresh green smoothies from frozen fruits and vegetables work great to enter a fresher and fuller life.

Being the most efficient factor in increasing your nutritional value can also add a flavor of freshness to your routine. As far as juicing is concerned, fresh and frozen ways are different in many ways.

The advantages of frozen vegetables over fresh ones during juicing are many.

For example, you have more choices in frozen vegetables because seasonal influences are irrelevant and have a longer shelf life.

Frozen vegetables, for example, contain 5% to 10% fewer nutrients than fresh vegetables. However, they have some disadvantages as well.

As this article is focused on can you juice frozen spinach, we’ve mentioned below how you will do it to enjoy your favorite smoothie to kickstart your morning.

Keep reading if you are in search of an appropriate method.

Partially thaw the vegetable

Before pressing, partly thawing frozen food will put less pressure on the processor blades and allow the drainage moisture to be maintained later to adjust the consistency of the juice.

Hypertension which forms ice crystals during the crystallization does not originate from the external field.

Still, it consists of the humidity inside the vegetable’s cell walls, sublimating during freezing and storage.

You can juice some frozen vegetables in a mixer and food processor, but not in a juicer.

Taking vegetables under cold running water for about 20 minutes. Your processor is saved because a lot of energy is wasted with the thaw.

Make a puree for a smoother consistency

In a mixer or food processor, partially thawing vegetables can be cleaned, but you get a better extraction if you let them thaw entirely first.

But you can puree your vegetable directly from the freezer if you have an advanced mixer, e.g., one that produced 2000 rpm or more.

Juice is required to extract juice manually from the mass using a food processor or blender.

To purify the juice, place the vegetables partly or wholly thawed in a mixer or processor and work on the highest set-up, depending on the machine, or for 1 to 2 minutes.

Extract by using the wringing method

The extraction process, often used in professional kitchens to refine soups and sauces, is easy when using the twisting method.

Stir the vegetables, smooth them, and place them in a bowl underneath a sieve lined with cheesecloth.

Take the cheesecloth and turn until the juice is turned out and everything left is dry.

Make sure to thaw when juicing thoroughly

Before you squeeze them into a juicer, you must take fully frozen vegetables.

A better extraction of tamed frozen vegetables than of fresh vegetables is, however, obtained.

It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to thaw fried vegetables – in or from the package – under cold, running water, depending on the size.

Their cell walls collapse when vegetables are thawed.

While it does not work well on the cloudy structure when thawed for cooking, for juices, it works well. Place the vegetables in the juicer completely thawed and extract the jus as usual.

What are the advantages of juicing frozen vegetables and fruits?

Everything has its pros and cons but let’s not go to the opposing side. Below mentioned are all benefits of juicing frozen vegetables and fruits.

You can have your favorite fruit and vegetables all the year

The most significant advantage of frozen juices is that you can enjoy the fruits and vegetables you love even when out of season.

Do you have any juice recipes, but this is in the middle of winter? No problem if in the freezer you have frozen watermelon!

Some fruit and vegetables may not be cultivated in your area, but often they can be frozen and transported from another country.

You can enjoy frozen food whenever you want if you use it.

Utilize the ingredients available occasionally previously

Every day of the week, not everybody has a green juice full of kale and other leafy vegetables.

If you’re not in a mood for blackberries, raspberries, or blueberries that morning, then your snacky purple smoothie recipe may not power your boat.

This factor can be a problem because it can lead to a loss of ingredients that we should all avoid for juices.

You can buy them frozen so that you can store them for a long time and use them when you want, without needing to bother, if you know that you will only use certain ingredients on occasion.

In particular, the frozen berries are a glow to me because soft fruits don’t usually last long.

Frozen vegetables and fruits work great for juicing

Their structure weakens when fresh products are frozen.

It’s not as integral as it used to be. You would leave a cloudy mess, which was not good if you tried to eat fruit or vegetables in this way.

But it’s a different story if the same ingredients are pressed.

Frozen fruits and vegetables are ideal for juices since their juice yield is higher.

The cells in your components will collapse more likely so that they will emit more juice – which is good! You will probably notice that it’s a vast difference – remember what we said before.

Before using, it’s important to thaw your ingredients.


As you’ve gone through all the material focusing on can you juice frozen spinach, you must give it a try today.

Blend your favorite smoothies by following the method mentioned above for perfection.

What’s better than starting your day with a glass full of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants?

Blend your favorite vegetables and carry the bottle to your gym during the operation; it can be an excellent substitute for many other juices.

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