Can You Drink Coffee on A Juice Cleanse?

Updated on April 12, 2022

Ever since the start of the 70s, there has been a lot of hype about the perfect body image and needing to maintain how you look and how you appear, be it to yourself or the outside world.

With that has been a rise of diet crazes that lasted through the century and dragged its way into the 2000s.

Since then, influencers have risen and started informing people about the benefits of juice cleanses, trying different diets, getting the extra stuff out of your body, making it a “temple.”

And people have been convinced. They spend extreme amounts of money buying juicers, trying ant new diet that is revealed to the market, all for weight loss.

What even is a juice cleanse, you may be wondering. It is a diet or a way of fasting during which all consumption of food containing carbohydrates, fats, anything other than vegetable smoothies, or fruit juices is prohibited.

This is done in part of a detox diet trend that has been going on for a while now.

So without further ado, let’s continue reading on to figure out that can you drink coffee on a juice cleanse or not?

Can You Drink Coffee on A Juice Cleanse?

With the fad of juice cleansing on top of the world, let’s look into the benefits juice cleansing may assist the body.

With the consumption of juices and fresh fruits and vegetables, it may be an excellent source of vitamins and minerals as the body will be intaking extremely healthy products and it will indeed have an active, beneficial effect on the body,

If you have been looking for a way to lose weight, then juice might be the way to go, as cutting off carbs would instantly reduce your calorie count and assist in the maintenance of a lower body fat percentage.

Juice cleansing also promotes living a healthy lifestyle, consuming natural ingredients, and cutting off manufactured products.

Combined with your body naturally detoxifying itself of fatty acids, the consumption of natural juices will further make your body happy as you will catalyze the process further and will be getting rid of extra oils, staying away from filthy, greasy, and fat inducing foods, and will be left feeling fresher and healthier than before.

Juice cleanses and detox diets can also abet you into convincing your family members to join in on the health benefits. You end up thanking them for introducing them to a safer way to flush out the toxins of their bodies.

In one way or another, juice cleanses, or a detox diet does aid your body in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Caffeine During Cleanse- Safe or Not?

We have always heard that caffeine intake in high amounts is terrible on regular days; what about during a juice cleanse? Let’s found out the adverse effects of it.

One of the first ways that juice cleanses can adversely affect your body is affecting the natural detoxification process on your body.

Your body regularly flushes out toxins that are no longer needed, forcing a juice to cleanse, while a small amount may be acceptable. Still, a continuation for a longer time could be highly harmful to your body.

Another way it can badly affect is that if a body is regularly dependant on caffeine for being the source of energy.

Then starting a juice cleanse since no carbs or proteins are being taken, your point would be down, so intake of coffee would cause a burst of energy.

Still, it would be short-lived as you would burn out and feel even weaker later.

In turn, your body would start to take advantage of this and leech off any energy being provided to it, instead of its natural source from the body itself; this would cause the body to start eating at the muscles and converting fats to ATP.

Your body’s natural sleep hormones may also be messed and hurt them, and it would cause your sleep pattern to get disrupted and stop you from getting a whole night’s rest.

Combined with an increase in hormones that control stress, it would cause a spike in anxiety, blood pressure and eventually be fatal.

As any form of caffeine, including coffee, is broken down by the liver, it would mess with your liver and cause lysis problems. Lastly, your gut lining that is extremely sensitive and weak may get harmed negatively and cause problems for your body in the future, costing you a lot of money and health issues.

Therefore intake of caffeine could potentially hurt your body and be deemed dangerous.

Still, Addicted?- Other Alternatives

We understand that it is difficult for the bodies of our generation who are so obsessed with caffeine. Here are some different ways of faining energy for you.

Water: Your healthiest best friend and one that will make your body thank you for caring about it. Water can be the best way to help cut down caffeine; not only does it hydrate you, but it will also increase cognition, catalyze an increase in mood hormones, help you prevent infections, and further detoxify toxins from the body.

Tea: Any tea can help beat the pesky addiction of caffeine and the withdrawal you will be facing; make sure there is no caffeine incorporated into the tea itself, or you will be useless. The tea will not only taste good, but it will leave you feeling refreshed and hydrated, as well as feeling more energized and ready for further nutrition.

Black Coffee: Decaf and black coffee is the best way to go if you want that coffee experience still. It will help fulfill the coffee withdrawal, as well as make you feel energized without the caffeine. And if creamer is an absolute must for you, use a plant-based creamer like soy milk.

Our Two Cents:

With everything being read in the article, you are sure to have read through the article about all the different types of alternatives and health benefits.

So, can you drink coffee on a juice cleanse? Well, only black and decaf coffee is the way to go, but we still highly recommend you not to consume any coffee, as if you do, it will render your diet useless. Be caffeine-free! Go green.

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