Can I Use My Vitamix as A Juicer? A Journey of Taste and Health

Updated on April 12, 2022

Your doctor just recommended staying away from packaged foods. But nothing makes you happier than a can of cold, syrupy fruit juice after a long hot day.

While you understand that bottled juices are little more than sugar and artificial flavors, there is a kick to them that you can’t ignore. So how can you make your own without spending a tone on machinery? Let us find out!

Blenders and juicers have helped people grind up fresh or frozen fruits and veggies to enjoy the liquid for very long now. Hardly any modern house is without one.

Whether you want to make a batch of fresh juice to serve the entire family or like to store away some green amalgams as part of your meal prep, juicers are here to save the day.

But what if you already have a Vitamix blender and can’t or don’t want to invest in a separate juicer? After all, they take a long time to function, take up space on the counter and shelves.

And your minimalist self just can’t be bothered to get another piece of electronic gadget. Many ask: Can I Use My Vitamix as a Juicer? Guess what? You can. Here is the nitty-gritty of it all!

What is Vitamix?

Vitamix blenders are part of a series of homemade appliances made to deliver convenience and excellence. Not only do they make food prepping and meal planning easy, but they also help people get inclined towards a healthier lifestyle.

auces, purees, ice-creams, nut butter, sorbets, and pancakes- you name it, and Vitamix will serve it.

Can I Use My Vitamix as a Juicer

The high-performance blender requires you to throw in your fruits, choice of liquid, and some condiments. It fuses up the commixture without separating the pulp from the juice.

So if you incline towards lighter juices, don’t desire the fiber content, or want to make some mixes for little ones, older folks, or fellows with weaker digestive systems, you might want to get a juicer.

But if you already own a Vitamix, it can double as a juicer. Here’s how!

Can I Use My Vitamix as A Juicer?

Yes! Cut up some fruits or veggies of your choice. Say, take a few apples, peaches, and bananas. Throw the chopped goodies in the blender. Start with a slow setting to grind, then opt for the higher speed till no chunks remain.

Now use a clean filter bag, sieve, or cheesecloth. Place it on a funnel and pour the blend on top to be strained into juice.

Squeeze the cloth or bag gently to get the maximum amount of goodness into your vessel. Drizzle some honey on top, sprinkle a tad of cinnamon, and enjoy your juice.

Some people also like to start with 400ml of water or liquid of choice, add the fresh produce, and finely grind the mixture to be enjoyed without sieving through. The process, however, leaves you with a thicker blend and may have fiber strands in it.

Spice it up!

Some other recipes you could try include mocktails, cocktails, and frozen fruit concocts.

Blend up some carrots and oranges in the Vitamix. Strain away to get rid of the pulp. Add in a shot of ginger water and some honey for a perfect source of Vitamin C to boost immunity and revitalize your skin.

You could also liquidize some ginger, kale, cilantro, cucumber, and baby spinach. Strain through and enjoy the green juice to detoxify your body.

Beat up frozen strawberries, mango, pineapple, and blueberries. Use a cheesecloth to liquefy. Then throw in a bit of agave or maple syrup for that hint of sweetness that you crave in the mornings.

If you believe in chlorophyll-packed celery, you could stir up the sticks with some water and greens and drink up the mixture to cleanse your system.

The list of recipes is endless. Now that you know how to separate the juice from the pulp, you can play around to express your culinary skills for some refreshing drinks.

Juicing Vs. Blending:

However, many may ask: What is the difference between juicing and blending? Let us shed some light on that. Blending is environment friendly as it produces less food waste since you consume the whole fruit or vegetable with the fiber content.

The fiber not only helps regulate your bowel movements but is also vital in maintaining blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Blends keep you satiated for longer since they fill you up with the roughage. They are also quick to assemble and don’t require tedious filtration.

Juices, on the other hand, require you to separate the roughage from the liquid. While it may seem wasteful, some people can’t stand the fiber strands in their drink. Juices are also easier to digest and make it convenient to feed through tubes and straws. Children and older people may highly benefit from the juicing process.

Are there other options?

Certainly! If your budget and preference allow, cold press juicers or slow masticating juicers are available out there, ready to reduce your fresh produce to a glass of nutrient-packed liquid. They don’t get heated up and don’t rely on the process of oxidation, leaving the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in your food intact.

However, if they are not for you, you could use your Vitamix, and it will do the job just as well.


So, the question stands: Can I Use My Vitamix as a Juicer? While we certainly believe that a bit of fiber content does hurt anyone, we understand that it might not be ideal for everyone. So, whether you want to stick to your Vitamix to save money, resources, or counter space or can’t seem to part with it for some reason, we stand with you.

You may use it as a juicer and start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle without getting any more fancy equipment. Have fun living it up!

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