8 Best Commercial Blender for Smoothies (September, 2023)

Updated on April 11, 2022

Your cafe is up and running. You welcome people with a sparkly clean kitchen, some glowing lights, and a cozy sitting area. Come summer, and you would like to add a juice bar as well.

What kind of blender would suit the quality of work you are producing? How do you prepare to serve nothing but the best?

Whether you have just started living independently and are cooking as a beginner or work as a trained chef that whips up new culinary delicacies every day, a functional blender is a kitchen essential.

But with the thriving market of kitchen gadgets, choosing a suitable fix for yourself can be difficult.

While selecting a suitable mixer, you will face questions like: What is the best type of blender? Is a metal design better than plastic? What horsepower will brave through all the café orders? And what are the price points? Do not worry a second because we are here to help.

This article will explain some of the key features of an ideal smoothie blender, the various options available in the market, and what products provide the results. So stay tuned.

Too much stuff to handle at the cold corner? Skip the small talk and blitz it up with our top pick: the Vitamix 5200 Blender, a self-cleaning machine with sturdy blades, 64 Oz capacity, multiple speed settings, an efficient cooling system, and a seven-year warranty making it the best commercial blender for smoothies.

Best Commercial Blender for Smoothies – Juice it Up! 

Here is a comparison table featuring the different specifications to help you choose the Best Commercial Blender for Smoothies at a glimpse. Let us dig in!

1. Vitamix 5200 Blender

Create a vortex of your favorite smoothie bowl in an instant with the Vitamix 5200 Blender. Just throw in the fruits, some Greek yogurt, and a spoonful of some creamy nut butter in this professional-grade mixer with a speed control setting to get the texture you want.

An easy-to-use dial will make cooking time a breath of fresh air.

Stir up much homemade sauce as the 8.75 x 7.25 x 20.5 inches jug can hold up to 64 ounces of liquid.

You can add the frozen berries for the acai bowl, and the high-speed friction-generating blades will melt up the goodness for a smoother consistency. Use it all day as a radial cooling fan and a cutting-edge thermal protection system to protect the device from frying up.

And the clean-up? Super easy. Just pour in some soapy water and pulse up as the self-cleaning machine washes in thirty to sixty seconds.

The stainless steel blades are hard-wearing and anti-rust to keep the machine running for longer. A seven-year warranty guards the blender for your convenience.


  • Large volume for medium to large batches
  • Long-lasting and corrosion resistant
  • Easy maintenance with the self-clean
  • Cooling fan for efficient working


  • Expensive


Get ready to serve up the milkshakes with the Vitamix 5200 Blender, a sturdy blender with multiple speed settings and easy maintenance.

However, the top-notch features do come at a high price, which may limit the purchasing power of many.

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2. Hamilton Beach Blender 58870

Enjoy whisking up the mango banana smoothies as you hold a conversation with the guests using the quiet shield Hamilton Beach Blender 58870.

Not only does it dampen the noise production, but it also offers a BPA-free jar to add on the user-friendliness.

Use it to puree tomatoes or make herb-filled dressings as part of your food prep using the large 32-ounce container.

A 1500 W power is by your side to merge up the peanut butter and chocolate puddings. The 20 peak horsepower lets you blend up the rock-hard frozen fruit into sorbets and yogurt bowls.

This blender offers four programs, including puree, ice crush, shakes, and smoothies, so you can use between 3000 RPM to 18000 RPM to diversify your cooking experience.

Make gooey pancakes with the rust-resistant stainless steel blades cutting through the doughiness. And if it sticks, use the tamper to remove the battery from the sides of the jug.

Press the one-touch auto-clean system to wash up once you are done, and you will be good to move to your other tasks.


  • Tamper for dense, sticky stuff
  • Quieter program for a conversation-friendly blend
  • BPA free, hence no health hazards
  • Powerful enough for ice and frozen food


  • The plastic jar breaks off


Cook up waffles, smoothies, and dips for brunch with the Hamilton Beach Blender 58870 to blend the ingredients effortlessly away.

The only downside with the design is that the plastic body of the jug is known to break up, causing distress among the users.

3. Waring MX1000XTX Blender

Have a couple of surprise guests and thinking what to serve? Use the Waring MX1000XTX Blender to make drinks for everyone.

The 64 Ounce container will help you entertain the entire party with cocktails and fruit smoothies. Shake through and pour off through the BPA-free plastic jug to keep your loved ones healthy and safe.

The X-treme hi-power motor panning out up to 3.5 peak horsepower will fuse up your protein shakes within no time.

Steam some potato and broccoli and add in many condiments to whip up a hearty soup as the 45000 RPM speeds back you up. No iced drink is off limits as the ultra-aggressive stainless steel blades will cut through absolutely everything.

Throw in the mango, kale, and berries, cover with the easy-to-close lid, and blitz up for a refreshing drink without staining the ceiling.

Then use the removable cap to add in handfuls of baby spinach to optimize your green intake. The machine makes meal prepping a piece of cake. And it saves you the trouble of maintenance with a 3-year motor and 2-year parts warranty.


  • High horsepower for beating frozen food
  • Stainless steel blades are hard-wearing and corrosion-free
  • Removable cap for adding in ingredients while blending
  • Warranty for easy maintenance


  • Noisy


Shifting towards a healthier lifestyle? Use the Waring MX1000XTX Blender to whip up your recipes in an instant.

A negative aspect of the blender is that it tends to get noisy, which may disgruntle some users.

4. OmniBlend V Commercial Blender

Get a professional-grade cooking experience with the OmniBlend V Commercial Blender by your side. Own a tuck shop? Upgrade your juice bar with the one-touch auto-timer control that lets you pitch in the fruits and syrups.

It whips up the amalgam for a fixed time to give consistent results according to the menu.

The moisture-proof buttons will hold up no matter how dirty the hands that are operating them.

So you can switch between the three-speed settings to blend up the warm soups, herby dressings, and fresh Pina Coladas in the 1.5-liter BPA-free plastic jug.

The 3HP heavy-duty stainless-steel blades will strike through frozen goodies for sorbets, and ice-cream shakes.

Want to make that vegan cauliflower pizza crust? Just roast up and beat up the vegetable with the two-in-one wet and dry blades to serve up the treat.

And once you have expressed your culinary skills, use the self-clean option for an effortless washing up. The product runs a seven-year-long warranty, so you don’t have to worry about the repairs and substitutions.


  • Three-speed settings for multiple recipes
  • Large 1.5 L jug for large batches
  • Dry and wet blades for dough and juices
  • Seven-year warranty for a wholesome experience


  • A little noisy


Cook up a storm using the versatile OmniBlend V Commercial Blender, with three-speed settings, two-in-one blades, and a heavy-duty motor at your command.

The only downside with this multi-purpose design is that the motor is a little noisy, which may annoy some users.

5. WantJoin Professional Blender

Assemble the tahini sauce and make that hummus with pita bread using the WantJoin Professional Blender, a countertop design with up to 30,000 RPM.

The anti-corrosion stainless steel blades cut through almost anything you want to chop as part of your meal prep. Shave ice for drinks, liquefy frozen food, and cut up veggies with the 1800W three HP blending wizard.

Get the mayonnaise done and assemble your Buddha bowls with sauces made using the three-speed settings on the blender.

It lets you go from slow to fast, so no ingredient gets disintegrated, keeping the essence of the flavors alive. Serve up cold drinks to the entire family and friend’s reunion on summer get-together and pool parties with the 22200 ml jug.

Own a milkshake place? Boost productivity using the timer with a 1-5 minute set that lets you throw in the fruits, nuts, and syrups and get that perfect taste and texture every time.

And if the waffle mixture or the yogurt bowl starts to stick, get the tamper out to scrape the sides. Rinse off the entire thing effortlessly using some soap and water and a one-button clean switch.


  • High power design blends smoothly
  • Large volume to serve big batches
  • Stainless steel blades will last a long time
  • One button switch for easy cleanup


  • Very loud


The WantJoin Professional Blender is your solution to multiple food-related issues. Not only will this let you whip up yummy smoothies, but it also helps in making soups, sauces, and homemade condiments.

The only downside of the design is that it is deafening, thus annoying the users.

6. Cleanblend Commercial Blender

Just about to start a hectic week at work and want some meal prep done? Invest in the Cleanblend Commercial Blender to crush your chilies, blend the sauces, chop up the greens, grind the salsa, beat the cake batter, process some tahini, and liquefy the butter for the dough.

The 640-ounce jar will help prepare large batches to be frozen for later use.

With up to 1800 W power, you can blitz up ice, frozen fruit, and some yogurt for a professional-grade smoothie made on your very own countertop.

Boil the carrots and sweet potato and sprinkle some spices on top to be blended into a hearty soup as you see the progress through the BPA-free plastic container.

The eight stainless steel blades won’t disappoint you as you set about making epic coffee, vanilla pudding, coconut shavings, and frozen desserts.

So get home after a workout, take out this genie and make that protein smoothie to give you all the energy that you need. And if any part malfunctions, use the five-year warranty for easy maintenance and repairs.


  • Large volume to prepare big batches for meal prep
  • BPA free to ensure safety and health
  • Five-year warranty for easy maintenance
  • Long-wearing stainless steel blades


  • The pitcher doesn’t fit on the base


Enjoy every cooking moment as the Cleanblend Commercial Blender makes the process smooth as silk for you with its high blending power.

However, the larger design has meant that the jug doesn’t fit properly on the base, causing spills.

7. BATEERUN Professional Blender

Toss in chocolate, milk, and nuts, and enjoy the goodness of a creamy milkshake with the BATEERUN Professional Blender fusing up the concoction.

This countertop design will help you stay healthy by making green smoothies, homemade sauces- free of preservatives, and fresh fruit purees in a heartbeat.

With the 2200 W power rendered to the six stainless steel blades, you can add in all kinds of frozen fruit and blend them into smoothies for the entire family to enjoy through the 68 Oz pitcher.

Set the timer and use it in your juice shop to make the perfect mixture that your customers admire.

The BPA-free and LFGB approved design are safe for you and your family. Use it to chop onions, make hollandaise sauce, and paste up the tomatoes for a nice warm curry.

And the clean-up? Super easy. All you need to do is take off the detachable base and wash it up for easy maintenance. The two-year warranty will look after any replacement and repair issues for you.


  • High power blades to cut through the frozen food
  • A timer to let you multitask
  • Large volume pitcher
  • BPA free, safe for health


  • The jug leaks through


Go healthy with the BATEERUN Professional Blender, mixing up fresh produce, juices, and protein shakes for you with its high horsepower and sturdy blades.

The only downside with the design is that the pitcher leaks, causing the users to reconsider the purchase.


Are you fond of smoothies and milkshakes? Get the joy of shaved ice and syrupy sweet drinks at home with the BATEERUN B087FZ2SWV, a countertop design with 2000 watt power.

The six stainless steel blades with up to 35000 RPM will let you slice through roasted capsicums, whisk up avocados, and blend the carrots for a hearty wrap or a spicy sauce.

Just settled into a new home and want to set up the kitchen? Get this all-in-one appliance to chop, grind, blend and whisk for you.

You can make soups and pesto sauces finished to your desired consistency with the multiple speed settings in your hand. You can throw in the ingredients and set up a timer for your smoothie as you work on your avocado toast and egg for breakfast.

Still want more? A single button clean-up means you just have to pour in warm soapy water and let the machine self-wash. The blender doesn’t start until fixed into the base, vouching for your safety. If you are worried about parts breaking and malfunctioning, the one-year warranty will see you through the maintenance issues.


  • Six powerful blades for effective blending
  • Stainless-steel design is rust-resistant
  • Vigilant safety measures
  • Speed controls for versatile cooking


  • May overheat


Skip the hassle of multiple machines with the BATEERUN B087FZ2SWV in your kitchen. Powered by a strong motor and supported by robust blades, the blender will beat up all kinds of food for you.

The only flaw with the heavy-duty design is that it may overheat, causing discomfort among the users.

Buyer Guide

If you are new to the cooking game or just want to get a product that checks all the boxes, we are here to help. This is our all-inclusive buying guide to make choosing the Best Commercial Blender for Smoothies a breeze. Enjoy the ride!


Commercial blenders have different types catering to every cooking scenario. Bar blenders work best to shake up drinks and cocktails, while high-performance-beverage-blenders are suitable for coffees, acai bowls, and frozen shakes with high horsepower.

Culinary variables work best for food preparation, while specialty designs have specific functions. An immersion blender is used for soups, heated ones are for cooking and grinding, and personal ones are to serve on the go.


Blenders usually come with adjustable speed so that the chef can attain the desired consistency on a soup or sauce. For some amalgams, you need to begin slow before you speed up the process to keep the ingredients intact for the full flavor effect.


It refers to the power of a blender to smoothen things up. While drinks like syrups and mocktails require HP up to 2, frozen food and hard things will need a horsepower value of greater than two.


A tight performance is vital in a busy stall setting. All you will need to do with pre-set drink cycles is throw in the ingredients and push a button to nail the desired consistency and flavors every time.

The build:

Steel containers offer durability and better performance. They don’t retain the aroma of food, making cleaning a hassle-free process. You can also use them for hot and cold food prep without fail.

Plastic blenders, on the other hand, are lightweight and easy to handle. They will also let you visualize the entire blending process to know when to stop mixing and grinding.

Containers VS Jugs:

Wide containers are easy to access. However, the horizontal flow of food will mean that some pieces will get stuck to the top and not get in the process. Jars, on the other hand, ensure even mixing and a homogenous blend.

Other features:

Different blenders offer various control features. While some have toggles, others serve an electronic control system, yet others have speed dials for efficient function.

Timers, noise-canceling features, and non-skid feet are some other factors that many blenders have in store.

Price point:

Commercial grade blenders retail for anywhere from a hundred dollars to a few hundred dollars. However, expensive will not always mean ideal for you. Choose the features you desire, then pick a product to purchase.


What’s the best type of blender for smoothies?

In our opinion, the Vitamix 5200 Blender is the best blender for smoothies.

How do I choose a blender for a smoothie?

Find the type, size, and speed settings you require. Choose the horsepower that will serve you best. Look out for added features, then consult your budget. You could also have a look at our buying guide to make the process smoother.

Do you need a special blender to make smoothies?

Yes! The process of making smoothies requires a blender that can handle frozen food and offers enough horsepower to work through the ice. The drink cycles and jar volume are also decisive in whipping out the right amount of drinks.

What should I look for in a commercial blender?

You should keep in mind the type, blades, horsepower, volume of the vessel, speed settings, and controls in a commercial blender. Durability and preset cycles are also important.

Can a regular blender make smoothies?

Yes! Pour in the water or the liquid of your choice first. Cut up the fruits and veggies and add one by one. Then use the pulse button or the different speed options, starting from low to high, to get the desired results.

Add the greens after the fruits to keep them from sticking to the sides. Add in the ice at last, and use a spoon in between to remove the stuck-on stuff from the blender.


Now that we have shed light on some of the top-notch commercial blenders on the block, we hope you will have no trouble choosing one for your home or shop.

Read up, make a list, tick the desired features and see what fits your budget to land the best deal. Happy Blitzing!

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