9 Best Commercial Blender For Frozen Drinks (September, 2023)

Updated on April 11, 2022

Are you a lover of ice smoothies and slashes and going to the market to buy a perfect blender to make frozen drinks? But you don’t know what must be in a good blender? No worries, we are here to help you out in getting the best blender.

Blenders crush the ice, fruits, and vegetables that are frozen. Ordinary blenders are not suitable for frozen foods; ice caught on their blades and damage the whole product. These best commercial blenders crush the ice smoothly, and according to your choice, ice can be like snow or evenly crushed.

Hence, you cannot take advantage of the benefits of blenders through some ordinary blenders. To solve your problems, we have reviewed the best commercial blender for frozen drinks.

But still, you don’t have enough time to read the entire article and choose the best blender. To ensure your convenience, we have chosen one of the best products through enormous research and come out with Ninja professional 72 OZ Countertop Blender, which will definitely make your drink perfect and also have selling records.

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Best Commercial Blender For Frozen Drinks – Reliable Options

Your concern is our priority, so by understanding the busy life of the modern era, we have made a comparison of the best blender for frozen drinks with extensive research.

You can look at this comparison and review the features of every product within a short time. If confusion remains, then you can review the whole article and solve the problem.

Just have a view and choose your best blender for frozen drinks.


Commercial blenders are now taking traditional blenders, which are with more fuss and with fewer benefits. These blenders blend well and retain the nutritional value of blended foods.

Now, it’s time to review the product completely without wasting more time.

Homemade frozen drinks are full of nutritional value and are more beneficial than taking them from outside. But, to make a drink full of nutrition, there must be a blender that retains the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.

So, if you are in search of such blenders, you are in the right place. Just go through the article and pick the best one out of them.

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1. Ninja professional 720 OZ countertop Blender

Ninja professional 720 OZ countertop blender is the best commercial blender for frozen drinks. This blender gives a professional look and a well as a professional drink compatible with its amazing looks.

Ninja professional blender can give ice snow-like texture or cut into equal pieces; it all depends on your choice.

Key features:

This professional blender with a professional look creates a fascinating impression of your kitchen. Its unique design and unique functions make it your perfect partner as a blender for frozen drinks.

Had a large family and have a problem making drinks for a large family? No worry, here is the ninja professional blender with a high capacity of 64 ounces. This large capacity saves your time to make drinks turn by turn for family members.

Let’s move to the speed of this outstanding blender. This will be your perfect blender if you are in a hurry, want to have some drink but not have time to wait to crush all the frozen ingredients. Ninja professional 720 OZ countertop blender will crush the ice and your favorite frozen fruits within few seconds with perfect taste.

Ordinary blenders have a difficult clean and wash system. Mostly they have a narrow opening that will not clean all the particles of previous drinks. This blender has easy assemblage and is easy to clean, which can be opened to clean and enjoy the fresh taste of your drink.


  • Available in a variety of watts
  • Easy assembly and wash
  • Large professional jar of 72 ounces
  • Capacity to make drinks in large quantity


  • Only for frozen drinks, not suitable for perfect liquid drink

Final verdict:

Ninja professional 720 OZ countertop blender is the best commercial blender for frozen drinks because of its extraordinary crushing power, assemblage, and convenience in use. It is the best blender to make the ideal drink.

2. COSORI Blender 1500W for shakes

COSORI Blender 1500W for shakes is a tremendous blender that is designed to meet your needs perfectly. This all-in-one blender will make the drink you want, with ingredients you love, and is full of nutrient value as in ingredients.

Its easy cleaning technology with warm water kept it free from germs and other particles as well.

Key features:

COSORI Blender 1500W is an amazing blender with the features you were looking for. Its advanced motor crushes every ingredient, either hard or soft, into small-sized particles. You can make frozen drinks in this blender with frozen fruits and vegetables.

Are you the kind of person who forgets small things? If yes, then your problem will be no more in the kitchen. This blender has automatically shut off technology for your safety and protection if over-heated or run for a long time.

This COSORI Blender is for you if you have an interest in frozen or hot drinks. This will solve your problem of grinding the frozen food; its 6 stainless steel blades and razor technology will crush everything you put into it. Its hot feature goes with cold side by side. You can heat the frozen material or even boil them.

Do you want to add ingredients step by step to enhance the nutritional value? You can easily add material to it while blending without splashing. It does not create a splash if you open it during the process. Concerning your cleanliness, this is a blender with no extra fuss.


  • Variable speed
  • Perfect blender
  • Safe and easy washing
  • Lid jars that are travel friendly


  • Suitable for small batches only

Final Verdict:

COSORI Blender 1500W for shakes will be going to your favorite blender, especially for frozen drinks. Its stainless-steel blades and variable speed make it the perfect chef for a frozen drink.

Without any effort, your drink is ready by this best blender.

3. Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet sheet blender

Hamilton Beach professional Quiet sheet blender is one of the famous blenders, and every frozen drink lover must try its drinks once in life.

This is the best blender with adorable features and will enhance your love and taste for frozen drinks.

Key features:

Hamilton beach professional blender increases the blending power incredibly and makes a healthy drink for you. Whether you want a frozen drink, smoothie, or just to chop the ingredients, this blender will be your best kitchen companion.

Fed up with the loud noise? No worries, thus machine minimize the sound and maintain the high speed. Hamilton beach professional blender provides you a shield covering the jug, and there will be no traditional blender noise. There is also an airflow way that takes the air out during blending.

I was fed up with cleaning the blender, and still, it’s not clean perfectly. No worries, this Hamilton professional blender has a one-touch clean, with all the parts safety of dishwasher. You can wash them without being fear of the spoilage of your blender.

Hamilton beach professional, quiet sheet blender has the superfast speed of cutting hard ingredients because of its stainless steel strong blades.

You can run the blender according to your speed, either you want to run slowly or speedily with high RPM. The extra pulse function is also incorporated for your ease.


  • No noise
  • Easy airflow
  • Pulse function
  • Excellent blending
  • 5 years warranty


  • Perfect for frozen drinks, not for smoothies

Final verdict:

Hamilton beach professional blender is for you to make restaurants like frozen drinks without creating noise. Its excellent blending power makes it a just perfect drink for you with enhanced taste.

A shatterproof jar allows you to make a drink without creating a mess. So, just get it and make your desired drink.

4. Waring commercial BB300S 1-HP bar Blender

Now in the list of best commercial blenders for frozen drinks, we have Waring commercial BB300S 1-HP bar blender that is getting more attention because of its tremendous features and looks, giving your kitchen a professional touch.

Key features:

Waring commercial BB300S 1-HP bar Blender has a 1-HP motor, with stainless steel jar. This will make the blender blend all hard ingredients into it within 10 to 20 seconds.

This blender will save your time, and you will get the drink without waiting for a long time in grinding frozen ingredients. Just put the ingredients into it, and your drink will be in your hand in few seconds.

Waring commercial BB300S 1-HP bar blender has a jar with a rubber pad; this pad will absorb the noise of blending and helps in cleaning. Easy cleaning and easy making of the drink, is the best feature of this blender.

You are washing jar, and it suddenly drops from your hand, and your investment ruins. No, this Wring commercial BB300S blender will not ruin your money as easily. Its stainless steel jar will go on with you for a long time without breakage or any crack.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Quiet blending
  • Powerful blending
  • 2 years warranty
  • Additional pulse function


  • 49 limited drinks per day

Final verdict:

If you want an excellent blender with no compromise in the quality that matches your budget, then Waring commercial BB300s 1-HP bar blender will be the best choice. This blender will automatically change the look of your kitchen and the taste of your frozen drinks towards the best.

5. Wantjoint Professional Blender

Another blender with great features that will make your drink good in taste and nutrition is Wantjoint professional blender. Looking for a blender with variable features, suitable according to your needs, then here is your blender. Read this and get one blender for you.

Key features:

Wantjoint professional blender makes you join the kitchen, and you will love making and drinking your drinks. Its excellent blending power and powerful motor allow every material to crush. Ice can be crushed within 7 to 10 seconds easily with powerful blades.

Cleaning a blender is always a problem, but your problem will no longer with Wantjoint professional blender.

What do you need to do for its cleaning? Nothing, hectic just put clean water in it and turns on the button. This will automatically clean your blender from every corner.

Are you a person who loves parties and companies with friends? If yes, then you must have Wantjoint professional blender in your kitchen.

You can make drinks and cheer up with your friends because it has a large capacity and big jar so you can make drinks in large batches easily.

Wantjoint professional blender has a time controller, which comes out with its best feature. This blender automatically turns off when your set time is achieved. This is a plus point regarding your safety.


  • One-touch clean
  • Time controller for safety
  • Large jar capacity
  • Splash proof
  • Speed controllers


  • No cons

Final verdict:

Wantjoint professional blender will provide you with the best, clean, safe, and easy way to make your drink. This will make drink your routine part because of its effortless technology.

6. Cleanblend Commercial Blender 64-OZ

Here is Cleanblend commercial blender 64-OZ, which cannot be ignored because of its features. Its features make it prominent in the list of the best blenders.

Key features:

Cleanblend commercial blender 64-OZ is a blender with outstanding crushing properties, crushes everything that comes in its way within seconds because of 8 stainless steel blades.

A large capacity jar makes it perfect for making drinks for parties, friends, and the whole family.

Cleanblend commercial blender 64-OZ is in one blender suitable equally for drinks, smoothies, and hot soups.

It’s easy to clean feature without the residue of the previous batch, making it suitable for all drinks with restaurants like the taste.


  • 8 stainless steel blades
  • Clean blending
  • Easy cleaning
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No cons

Final verdict:

Cleanblend commercial blender 64-OZ will be your choice if you demand clean appliances and, in turn, clean drinks. Get it and enjoy a healthy drink at your home.

7. COLZER professional countertop Blender

COLZER Professional countertop blender is designed with extraordinary blending power and power features, which were not seen before in blenders.

This blender is most remarkable in its performance.

Key features:

COLZER professional countertop blender is outstanding in its performance, with anti-slip and easy to hold and handle-ability. You can easily blend your drinks in the kitchen without any tension any worries.

Stainless steel blades provide excellent blending with the same taste from the first sip to the last one. All the drinks with the same consistency are its unique feature.

The variable speed time switch is also a plus point in its features. You can run the blender at any speed with a knob automatically turned off after a specific time.

Cleaning a blender is a problem for everyone, but with COLZER professional blender, put some warm water and dish wash in it, and your blender will be clean in less than 1 minute.


  • Easy to hold
  • Anti-scratch jug
  • Boost the power with blenders
  • Speed variable and timer


  • No warranty

Final verdict:

COLZER professional countertop blender gives your kitchen a professional look. Your drink will be in your hands in few seconds with no compromise on hygiene and quality.

8. Countertop professional Mixer blender 700 OZ

Countertop blender professional commercial mixer blender 700 OZ is the blender with all-in-one technology. A single blender will grind, crush and process your food.

Key features:

Health is the main concern at all times, but health care is important nowadays. This blender is designed with an environmentally friendly material and resistant to acids, germs, and alkalis to keep your drink safe from any foreign material.

Cleaning is easier in a countertop blender professional commercial mixer blender 700 OZ. just put some warm water and then wash it with a button for 20 to 30 seconds.

This blender has a powerful motor with 6 stainless steel blades that crush and mince every frozen or hard ingredient. This blender is provided with overheating fuse protection to avoid any mishap.

This blender is a multipurpose kitchen gadget that makes your life easy with durable material. It is suitable for a large batch of drinks within the same time.


  • Environmental friendly material
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and safe material
  • Money-back warranty


  • No cons at all

Final verdict:

Countertop blender professional commercial mixer blender 700 OZ will be a great addition to your kitchen regarding its design, safety, and features. This is suitable for all types of drinks.

Buying Guide – Best Commercial Blender For Frozen Drinks

You have gone through the reviews of the best commercial blender for frozen drinks. Now you can easily decide which product is according to your demand and budget. But still, before going to market, you must know the features you should consider while buying a product.

Here is the buying guide for your convenience.

Blade and power

What will be the use of a blender if it is without blades? Blades play a prime role in the blending of frozen drinks. You must choose a blender with multiple numbers of blades to make crushing easy, and in addition, blades must be in opposite directions.

Power is a prime factor when it comes to frozen drinks. Crushing of freezes and hard ingredients require large watts. So chose a blender with sharp blades and large watts.

Easy cleaning

After a party or having fun with friends, you don’t have enough energy to get up and wash the blender. So, while choosing a blender, you must choose a blender that can be cleaned easily without much effort. Also, assure that blender parts are safe for dish wash.

Consider the size

You are in a market and have several blenders in front of you with the same features. You should choose a blender with a large size that is suitable to make drinks for a large number of people at the same time. This will save your time in making drinks turn by turn for everyone.

This was all about the best commercial blender for frozen drinks. If you read this thoroughly, you can buy a blender without any discomfort. But still, you have some questions? No worries, we also researched some common questions, read them and come out with answers to your questions.


What is the best blender to make frozen drinks?

Ninja professional 720 OZ countertop Blender is the best blender for making frozen drinks because of its sharp blades and high watts of the motor.

How do you use a frozen drink in a blender?

After putting in the frozen ingredients, move steadily. Start, go on with the pulse, and turn on the speed to make the perfect drink after a few seconds.

Can you put frozen food in a blender?

Yes, frozen fruits are the main ingredient in making frozen drinks. You can easily put frozen foods in a blender.

Why does my blender not crus ice?

A blender with low horsepower or watts is unable to crush the ice. To crush the ice using a high-watt blender will be a great way.

Are higher watts better for a blender?

Watts is the power of a blender. A blender with high watts will make the drink more smooth and more easily. Power matters a lot in frozen drinks.


Blenders incorporate a lot in the taste of frozen drinks. If you have a good blender, your drink will be more smooth and delicious.

Here in this article, we have reviewed the best commercial blenders for frozen drinks. Now you are only a step away from converting your drink into a professional drink with these blenders.

So get up and make your kitchen a professional kitchen with these blenders.

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