7 Best Cold Press Juicer Australia (September, 2023)

Updated on April 11, 2022

Are you tired of buying yourself a freshly prepared cold-pressed juice. Fortunately, many cold press juicers are coming these days But which one is best cold press juicer Australia. Market variety is rich is masticating units too allowing you to choose the strength, power capacity design, and whatnot, whatever you like to have in a preferred device you can go search it in the products coming in the market.

Juicer Mooka

Juicer Mooka

Aobosi Slow

Aobosi Slow

Aicook Slow

Aicook Slow

But this is no longer an easy task as the number of products coming in the market is increasing by every day and therefore it is not easier to get your hands on a quality, reliable and dependable product these days particularly when there are so many choices given for the desired item.

But how can a person avoid chaos and find itself the best product? If you too are looking for the same answer then you are at the right spot as we are here to resolve this query by reviewing the best cold press juicer Australia, to see the topmost products coming in the Australian markets.

Cold press juicers are a very worthy innovation for those health-conscious direct geeks that are looking for the nutritious juices to be served right at their breakfast table or are more inclined towards cold-pressed juices rather than high speed heated content whose nutrition value is nothing important.

The cold press system is aimed at retaining the nutrients and vitamins of the fruits and juices it is supposed to provide and this is due to its two distinguished technologies that are low heat and zero oxidation. Low heat is the most critical factor in retaining the nutrition value and this is because when cold-pressed juices will not be created at a fast speed and no extra temperature will be generated.

Now that you are into getting a fine quality cold press juicer for yourself. You must know that it is quite hard to sort out the choices and you should be looking upon the efficiency, motor power, power connections, cleanup requirements, feeding chute, appearance, and design and a lot more to be considered as necessary features of a cold press juicer.

Giving weightage to all these features will let you determine the ultimate winner and you will be good to get your hands on a trustworthy and commendable cold press juicer available in Australian markets.

Are you busy enough to skip reading our entire article? Hold on a stay here for a while and have a look at our top pick to save a considerable amount of your time. Juicer Mooka Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is the best choice for this spot and this is because of its wide customer applause and a powerful masticating unit capable of yielding a nutrient-enriched smoothie or juice.

Best Cold Press Juicer Australia – Professional Machine List

If you are all set to give this review a thorough reading then it is time for you to dig deep into the features and specs of the top seven cold press juicers available in the Australian markets to see the best one out of all.

Best Cold Press Juicer Australia Reviews

Let’s take a look at all the Best Cold Press Juicer Australia reviews to find out the ideal one for you.

1. Juicer Mooka

Juicer Mooka Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Juicer Mooka is the ruling king in the market that has a wide customer base fully immersed in the expertise and excellence of the Mooka manufacturing firm and this excellence is reflected in all of the products coming under the benchmark of the firm.

This model is a cold press juicer that is coming with the dual functioning of a masticating extractor and a juicer running on slow speed thus a cold press unit producing highly nutrient-enriched smoothies and fresh juices.


This unit is coming as an all-round juicer that has the goodness to work with all kind of fruits and veggies and this is a commendable aspect of any masticating extractor as most of the gadgets coming in the juicer category are either compatible with oranges or carrots and only a few are good with celery juices.

But this device is a highly versatile option and you can use it for making juices of any fruits and vegetables you can think of such as celery, ginger, berries, carrots, oranges, mandarin, nuts, and so on.

For this diverse content range, this masticating unit is regarded as the right choice for our today’s selection of the best cold press juicer Australia. moving towards its motor strength and technologies, we are delighted to state that it is coming with a powerful 150 watts motor unit that is the standard wattage for most of the masticating extractors and is the best one for cold press units since these devices do not need high-speed performance and therefore, there is no need to go for buying high power units for just showoff.

Other than this, Mooka juicers are all coming with reverse technology that is a necessary feature in any cold press juicer and this is to ensure that you can reverse the chute in case your device is on the brink of getting clogged.


This is the best cold press juicer Australia and is, therefore, by all means, a very worthy investment that will prove its worth by serving you delicious and mouthwatering smoothies and freshly prepared juices.

  • Reverse motor functioning to prevent clogging
  • 60-decibel quiet operation
  • 80 RPM efficient masticating
  • Produces 90% more yield
  • 50 watts efficient mot
  • Small feeding chute

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2. Aobosi Slow

Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor

Aobosi is the pioneer brand in the cold press industry and has many of its products being regarded as the bestselling units that are due to the feature-rich packages of these masticating units and cold press machines that are capable enough of yielding high quality and nutritious smoothies and you will be amazed by the taste and smoothness of the juices made with the Aobosi cold press juicer.


This unit has a 150 watts powerful motor and thus you will not be worried about the performance or the power consumption of the unit because 150 watts is so much power for a cold press juicer that it is regarded as the standard value for the masticating extractors in the market although many values are also coming each day.

This wide acknowledgment is due to the efficient power consumption that will restrict the utility billing to a considerable amount. The design of the juicer is an elegant one and you will be getting your hands on a vertical juicer as these units are the most frequently encountered these days.

The vertical feeding chute is good enough to hold the adequately sliced fruits and veggies and you don’t have to wait for adding it in chunks.

The spiral design of the blades and tubes makes sure that the highest yield of the juice is produced and this is believed to be 90% as compared to the 10% juice yield of the ordinary juicers.


This cold press juicer will be making highly nutritious juices for you that are not only good in its content but are also higher in amounts comparable to the rivals in the market. Regarding price and performance, it hits the sweet spot that makes it the best cold press juicer Australia.

  • Separate compartments for pulp and juice
  • Quitter working
  • Brush for cleaning
  • Food grade 304 durable steel construction
  • Multi functioning
  • Auger is not the best one in the market

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3. Aicook Slow

Juicer, Aicook Slow Masticating Juicer

Aicook is the fancy manufacturing firm whose name is all over the minds of the customers and this is undeniably the dream brand of all the smoothie and fresh juice lovers and this is because of the nearly perfect cold press juicers and masticating extractors.

The manufacturing firm is also very popular for food processors, thermal vents, and other kitchen appliances that are making a solid change in the lives of users.


This is the premium juicer machine that is aimed at elite users who are ready enough to splash their money over this device and in exchange they will be receiving a very durable and worthy product that will make a lasting impact in their lives.

This is the high-end model that has everything in it starting from its elegance to its performance and users are looking for this ideal duet the price and performance.

This machine is coming with two separate compartments that will continually drop the pulp and juices separately from each other and the two jars placed beneath the holes will take them in, so you will be having a perfect smoothie maker that is perceptive to your cleanliness needs.

Other than that this is a 150 watts motor that has 80 revolutions per minute strength and the directions of the revolutions could be reversed for preventing clogging or removing it at first hand. The sound level of the device is the standard 60 decibel and thus you will be having a buzz-free performance worthy of investment.


This fancy model is a very commendable cold press juicer that will hold you back for long and will prove to be a fashion statement in your home.

  • Worm spiral seven staged chute
  • Pulp and juice separation
  • 80 RPM
  • High yield
  • Easy to clean
  • Pricey option

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4. Homever Slow

Homever Slow Masticating Juicer

Homeover is a popular name and the popularity is tracing back to its durable and sturdy juicer machines that are all over the market and are deeply engraved in the market demands by the dedicated users who are not satisfied by anything less than the ultimate best.

This juicer is a cold press unit that is coming with a pristine repute in the field and will prove to be a long-lasting investment that is well worth each penny invested over it.


This is a smooth running cold press juicer that is operated upon by a 150 watts motor unit and the revolutions are retained at 80 RPM, therefore, you will having a perfectly ground smoothie that is not just fine in its texture but is also very delicious to taste since it has no additive and zero oxidation is ensured.

Another of its praiseworthy feature is its high yield and owing to a seven stage spiral chute, fruits and veggies have to go through the rigorous force producing the highest yield and thus you will be having a large amount of the juice served right before you at your breakfast table or whenever you like it.

The construction material of the juicer unit is very sturdy and safe and the stainless steel construction of the juicer is regarded as the home grade safe and is approved by PMMA and is also BPA free therefore you will be getting your hands on the highly durable and elegant product by purchasing this unit.


This cold press juicer is a reliable purchase that is offering you a smooth and quiet running device with stainless steel built and BPA free parts with a powerful motor.

  • Safe PMMA material
  • Runs quietly
  • Easy to clean
  • High yield
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Durability may be a concerned point

5. Philips HR1889/71 Viva

Philips HR1889 - Best Cold Press Juicer Australia

Philips is one such consumer good manufacturing brand that does not need any kind of introduction.

This is for sure that all the readers here have must about the Phillips electronic products at least once in their lives and this position and hype is hard-earned due to the years of hard work and continuous innovation in the backstage technologies improving the performance and keeping pace with the changing world.

This juicer is no exception to the manufacturers’ legacy and has a plethora of products regarded as a worthy addition in a masticating extractor.


This Philips juicer has a wide feeding chute and therefore you can add to it a large quantity of the veggies for your next smoothie and give you amazing ideas about the nutrient-rich drinks and juices the cold press juicer is offering you a recipe book having more than 100 recipes for the joyous and healthy potions for your balanced diet.

This juicer also has a drip-stop technology and when you have paused the process of making your juice you can activate the dip stop and not a single drop of the juice will be leaked out of the chute. The motor also has reverse functioning that is the anti-clogging system ensuring a continuous flow of the process.

As most of the cold press juicers are coming as corded units, so there is always a need to have a power plug near them but thanks to its lengthy power cord you will be able to make a connection from afar.


This Philips cold press juicer is a robust, compact, and sturdy stainless steel built juicer machine that is a reliable purchase having the potential to be your lifetime companion.

  • 70mm feeding chute
  • Drip stop system
  • Reverse functioning
  • Length power cord
  • Uneconomical

6. BioChef Axis

BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer

Almost all the cold press units are coming with relative technologies and nearly similar features but the difference is in the durability and design and these two aspects make them stand apart from each other.

But this Bio Chef is a brand that has taken the long jump and has come up with the innovative addition to its cold press juicers lineup and that is its microbial control technology and this helps in making juices free from pathogens and harmful microbes.


This masticating extractors cum cold press juicer is coming with a wide feeding chute is not exactly a large or extra-large one but is considerably spacious enough to make a large amount of juice for the whole family.

The most notable feature of this juicer is its durability and this is a contrasting feature of a good juicer or the worst juicer and the reliability and durability of the product are evident by its 20 years warranty.

The warranty is specified by the manufacturers in a way that the motor unit will be replaced against any damage for 20 years and the parts will be limited to ten years only and this is also a limited warranty and accidental damage will not be covered.

Coming back to its specs, this device is offering a 150 watts motor that is reliable enough to have it in a unit, and when combined with the spiral chute you will be having a perfectly masticated smoothie.

This device is also very easy to clean and you can easily remove the juicer parts and dishwasher them for simple and efficient cleaning. Other than that you will also be receiving a juicer brush that will further simplify the cleaning process.


This device is an all-round machine that is a worthy choice and will be lingering beside your side for many coming years.

  • Wide feeding tube
  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality construction
  • 150 watts energy-efficient motor
  • 20 years warranty
  • Not a lightweight device

7. Oscar Neo Slow

Oscar Neo Slow Juicer

If you are looking for a cold press juicer that is enough to cater to the needs of a large family then there is no option as good as this extra-large Oscar neo juicer that is coming with a wide feeding chute and has combined the vertical and horizontal design to come up with a very stylish and attractive outlook that will be your companion, for the nutritious diet of your family.


This foremost feature to begin wit is the extra-large size of the feeding chute of the cold press juicer and its size is about 70 millimeter that is the highest in our today’s selection of best cold press juicer Australia and this is very commendable part as you can add much more fruits and veggies in a wider chute and therefore, you will be finishing the task way before the narrow tubes.

Another aspect of its extra-large size is that you could produce juices for your entire family since the machine is designed to uptake large amounts so you will be able to gain high yields of freshly prepared juices that are the ultimate goal of any cold press juicer.

This unit is coming with reverse technology and by utilizing that reverse spiral system you will be able to prevent clogging or get rid of it if any clogging has occurred.

The anti-clogging system should always be a part of the cold press units and this is because once the device is stuck in you don’t have to dismantle the device and manually remove the content inside.


This Oscar new cold press juicer is an ideal choice for those users who are on a hunt for the extra-large juicers and have high power to do so since this device is coming with 200 watts motor.

  • Wide feeding tube
  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality construction
  • 200 watts energy-efficient motor
  • Food processor
  • Pasta attachment
  • Jars not included


Now that you have all the information regarding the Best Cold Press Juicer Australia It’s time to choose the best one according to your own preferences. Juicer Mooka Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is the best choice.

The list of unbiased reviews is designed to help you pick the right product for your needs. Other than that, we have suggested a top pick that you can choose quickly to save yourself some time with the research.

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