Are Mini Fridges Worth It

Updated on April 13, 2022

If you’re worried about your electric expenditures, consider buying a mini-fridge. The minimal power drastically minimises energy consumption.

The vast majority of mini-refrigerators are equipped with energy-saving technologies, making them extremely energy-efficient.

Are Mini Fridges Worth It

Because large refrigerators take up a lot of space in our kitchens and aren’t portable, if you’re thirsty late at night, you’ll have to stroll to your kitchen to grab a drink of iced water.

What if you had a refrigerator in your room that could not only provide you with water but also satisfy your nocturnal hunger?

One of the advantages of having a small refrigerator is this. While some models, such as the Koolatron P20 (one of’s top selections), serve both hot and cold purposes, there are numerous reasons why having a tiny fridge is advantageous. Here are a few more specific reasons.

A comfortable Living

A mini-fridge serves more than only to keep food cool. It also comes with extra functions to make your life easier. For example, they have heaters on them to keep the food warm.

If you’re travelling and want warm meals ready for you at your next stop, prepare the food at home and place it in the mini-fridge, where the heating system will keep it warm and delicious.


Large refrigerators, particularly french doors, top-freezer refrigerators, and side-by-side refrigerators, are expensive.

A good one will set you back upwards of $2000. Furthermore, they don’t bring much value when placed within a room or hostel.

A mini-fridge may easily handle a little amount of food, wine bottles or beer/soda cans, drinks, or breast milk for your infant, which you’ll normally require in your room. So, why spend so much money when the problem can be solved for less than $200?

Reasons for Buying a Mini Fridge

1. Saves You Money

Large refrigerators, particularly french door, top-freezer, or side-by-side refrigerators, are quite expensive.

Getting a nice one can set you back more than $2000. Furthermore, when placed inside a room or dorm, they don’t add much value. Just think about it: would you keep meat or raw food in your room? That’s not correct.

You’ll usually need a fridge in your room to store a little amount of food, wine bottles or beer/soda cans, water, or breast milk for your baby, which a mini refrigerator can easily accommodate. So why pay $2000 when the problem can be fixed for less than $200?

2. Saves Space

Mini refrigerators are compact in size and can be stored almost anyplace without taking up a lot of room.

They are ideal for small offices, dorm rooms, and bedrooms. People with limited room typically choose for a mini-fridge instead of a full-sized refrigerator.

However, for people who live at home, the replacement option is not feasible (since a mini-fridge may reduce room, but it lacks the storage and power of a large fridge.)

3. Saves Electricity

A large refrigerator uses 8-10 times the amount of energy as a mini-fridge. The more the consumption, the higher the electricity bill. When utilised in a kitchen, the energy consumption of a large refrigerator is completely justified (as it would store a lot of food items, beer, and other items.)

However, unless you are someone who can’t live without cooking “new recipes” on a regular basis, a huge refrigerator won’t make sense if you are a single person living in a dorm or even at home.

4. Easy Portability

A tiny refrigerator can also be easily transported without requiring much effort. You can even carry a small thermoelectric cooler (a type of micro fridge) in your car or watch TV from your house or office if you have one.

Isn’t it great to have a fridge nearby anytime you need it? However, not all little mini refrigerators are portable, and some large compact refrigerators are very hefty and may require expert assistance to move. However, when compared to traditional refrigerators, they are still smaller and more portable.

5. Can Be Placed Anywhere

I used to keep my tiny fridge on my desk when I initially got it. I also purchased an undercounter mini fridge to keep in my garage under the counter. It doesn’t matter how much space you have because a compact refrigerator may be kept almost anywhere! It can also be transported in your car or truck.


How Long Do Mini Fridges Usually Last?

Remember, mini fridges last between 6-14 years, but probably should be replaced at the 10 year mark. Make sure that you clean and care for your fridge to ensure that you get the best investment.

Do Mini Fridges Keep Food Cold Enough?

Are mini fridges cold enough? Yes, depending on the brand (quality), a mini fridge can easily rival the minimum cabinet temperature of any standard refrigerator i.e. they can easily hold temperatures below 40F at all areas within the cabinet

Are Mini Refrigerators Expensive to Run?

In general, most mini fridges cost less than $50 per year to run. In fact, if you purchase an efficient mini fridge, you’re looking at closer to $20-$30 per year. The cost of running a mini fridge depends on how much power it consumes

Can I Put Fruit in A Mini-Fridge?

Fruits are healthy snack items which can fill your stomach and keep you healthy. There are 100s of benefits of different fruits.
You can buy the fruit which you like the most, preserve it in your mini-fridge and consume them whenever you feel like eating. Fruit juices not only are tasteful but are also healthy
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